Sunday, January 3, 2016


                                                  Wings in the Dark

                                                  The world is dark and full of gloom,
                                                  and all that’s in my mind is doom,
                                                  but even in the cold and pouring rain.
                                                  something in me seems to strain,
                                                  a blackened balloon that wants to rise
                                                  above depression toward the skies;
                                                  but, sitting here, I’m feeling down;
                                                  beneath my hood I can only frown,
                                                  and from this cliff expect to fall –
                                                  to me there seems no hope at all –
                                                  and when at last the end seems near,
                                                  and I succumb to all my fear,
                                                  a voice within me says that I …
                                                  still have wings and still can fly.-----ed pacht

This was written by my dear friend "ed pacht" some weeks back. It's his feeling inspired by the above art, and my broken heart about the world my friends my family, and myself. I thought it was worthy of a repeat considering all that we endure around us. Thank you "ed" as always your Angel vision shows us the way.

Stay Tuned.

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  1. Um... Maybe he should let the balloon go, put on a long hooded cape, pick up a scythe and crash the party. That's the sort of thing that's apt to happen when you disinvite the bad fairy.