Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Anna Brahm's Dolls"

I've never seen dolls quite like Anna's

Holocaust dolls.

I never imagined such could be made. One just sits, and meditates in the presence of these creations. Of 'all' dolls these may need the most loving.

The extreme contradiction of "doll-hood" with the idea of deliberate
extermination of a whole people leaves one,...what? Spiritually stunned, a deer in Satan's headlights?

Given these awful hateful times where nations have looked the other way.
Looked away again, and let genocide blossom once more. 

Africa Asia, and yes Europe again...the Balkans. Also the little exterminations that don't take whole people. Just the odd tribe or village or region.

We all look a way.

That or view it with the lens of this or that ideology or passing political fad. A friend I was so shocked, and surprised...a dear friend spat derision at these dolls. This when I first found them, and showed him. 

Telling stories of the cruelties of the Israeli government, and armed forces. Destruction of communities brutalities bombings.

Yes Israel has done terrible things. Crimes even. But what has that to do with who these dolls represent?  You would curse the memory of a kid in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1941 for the acts of right wing Israeli polices in 2016?


My feeling has always been that the  American Left, but especially European still has that old fashioned Jew Hate. It's never gone away. 

Actually not only the European left, but continental Europe generally. That shit is coming back. Well it was always there it's just coming out of the closet again like it does from time to time over the centuries.

Humans are an awful species.

We hear G-d in our hearts, and think that means we can go slaughter every one in sight.

Maybe there should be more kinds of genocide dolls. Cambodian African Native American Balkan Chechen Salvadorian. 

There's a long list of mass murders, and there should be dolls for each one. 

There should be a "Doll Day" like in Japan, but for these Special Dolls. ...don't know if it'll do much good. 

Still it's a good intended idea. 

Maybe if the "good intentions" pile up enough some few might be moved to actually do something.

Stay tuned.


  1. Gypsy dolls. Since I have thing for a gypsy boy, this has been on my mind a lot lately. Turns out gypsies are seriously discriminated against throughout Europe, and other places too - as you might suppose from what the Nazis did to them. They're people of color. So I've been thinking a lot about racism lately, and the psychology of in group-out group thinking.

    One source I've read says that humans are basically tribal, and hence prone to think that way - but that it's possible to extend our sense of who is "us" with some conscious effort. I got this from an article linked in a Buddhist organization's newsletter. Unfortunately I tossed the newsletter, but I could try to find the article again. Seems like an important subject to me.

  2. Oh, I forgot to sign off -