Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"Forever Wars"

The Vietnam era never sleeps for my generation. I fear what the 9/11 era will do the young folks caught up in these new Wars. It would have been better if actual War had been declared for both events.

There would have been a beginning middle, and clear end.

As it is these things just go on, and on. Also with a declared war the Geneva Convention would have been in full force. There wouldn't have been all the cruel, and murderous abuse both wars did, and do.

If on September 12th 2001 the President had asked both Houses of our government for a Declaration of War on International Terror. If that had been done the whole thing would have been over for years. This because the whole World would have united to put an end to those movements, and it's supporters.

No Gitmo no loss of Habius Corpus no Drone warfare. Killing whoever we want wherever whenever we want.

I'm thinking of my brother, and cousins that went over to Vietnam, and now two young relatives in Afghanistan . One is Air Force one Army,...combat infantry. Just like his now passed away Vietnam vet cousin-uncles.

Christ they were just little kids on 9/11, and now it's sucked them up too. These are Forever Wars.

G-ddess help us.

It's been a Hell of a ride.  ...and it's not nearly over.

Stay Tuned.

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