Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"Is Nothing Sacred?!"

Well besides everything else...ya know the oceans rising genocides nothing on TV, and generally the world ending. Besides that there's a world shortage of...wait for it...Vanilla.

That did it.

I'm calling up gawd. I'm gonna have a word with that maniac. It's one thing to let us all stave die of thirst, and or at the hands of each other...but no Vanilla?!


Seems there was some sort of harvest disaster in Madagascar where it all comes from. Btw funny we never I mean "never" hear about anything that goes on down there. Hell I had no idea these folks were the Vanilla Kings, and or Queens of the World.

If ya also told me that Madagascar was headquarters of all them UFO saucer guys it would make just as much sense. Other than getting to the bottom of the Vanilla problem I think we need to send the Marines, and the History Channel down there to see what the hell them guys have been up to all this time.

As to the Vanilla disaster

Is it possible to make it artificially? If not get ready to pay $20 bucks for an ice cream cone...well okay in some upscale plutocratic shops you can do the now, but ya see what I mean.

Oh it's going to be a hell of a summer coming up. Their predicting super heatwaves all over the damned country. There we'll be in a salty pool of our own sweat with 'no' Vanilla ice cream...no I don't like chocolate.

Perhaps I could chew ice slivers like folks did before air conditioning.

Stay tuned.


  1. I hope they don't run out of mint chip.


  2. Summer without vanilla. Truly these are the final daze.