Monday, March 28, 2016

"It's Good to Hope"

The latest round of terror bombings, and the ongoing endless wars in the Mid-East are nightmares without end. Cycles of murder without end.

Well I grew up with Holocaust survivors. 

All of the shop keepers our tailor that made my Confirmation suit was a Holocaust survivor. Those green numbers on their arms was a common sight of my childhood. 

The only white children I played with were Jews. 

Which isn't to say some of these Jews were not assorted assholes, and bigots...they were, and are. However my generation saw Israel as a hope. When I was a young child the Camps "THE CAMPS" had been closed for less than 10 years. So it wasn't remote history to me, and mine. 

All that said I have to acknowledge what Israel has done. It has committed crimes. It has become racist. It has become a killing machine. I never imagined I would say such. I've always felt that the "Left" which was spewing this was just cloaking their Jew hate...some of  them were. I ain't blind. 

On the other "other" hand.

In the Islamic world I'd be stoned burned hanged or tossed off tall buildings for being Queer. Did you know that the Palestinian Authority executes queers as so many other Islamic countries do. To this I always get "so what" directly or indirectly from progressives"...there's bigger fish to fry. 

This is why I mostly stay out of this.

It's hopeless both sides are so full of murderous shit. If there was anyone listening I'd pray for peace, and reconciliation, but fat chance on that. I think we're just going to have to wade through more blood till both sides have had enough, and make a lasting peace. ...that's that. 

Here's a fantasy.

See above,...some Palestinian Israeli flags from the future. It's good to dream. it's Good to Hope.

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