Monday, March 28, 2016

"Flying Carpet Bombing"

This is a back, and forth between myself, and my Facebook friend Terrance. It concerned Ted Cruz saying he would "Carpet Bomb Isis out of existence."

Sidney Smith  Isis is not remotely "innocent" I'm all for exterminating every single one of them. They're the actual Nazi's of our era. They commit genocide they rape torture desecrate enslave...yeah actually enslave. 

So if this maniac actually becomes President his taking these monsters out is fine by me. 

Okay that said here's the carpet bomb you kill the innocent, and guilty alike. This will make generations of more terrorist, and turn us even more into a pariah nation. 

The problem is you can't negotiate with Isis you can have no treaties because they think their bloodletting is ordained by G-D. Just as the 12th century Christian Crusades were. This what we're witnessing the "Islamic Crusades". This can only stop the way the Christian Crusades did...with an Enlightenment era. 

These maniacs haven't had theirs yet. Till then here we are. Sorry no neat answer.

Terrence White  Those "maniacs" HAD their "Enlightenment Era", back when we were in our 'Dark Ages'. (We learned Arabic numerals instead of Roman numerals from them.) We learned Algebra from them. 

We re-learned Greek philosophy from them--which our barbarian ancestors had conveniently forgotten. 

In short, from them, we slowly learned how to be civilized again. And then their Golden Age faded away, just as ours had done earlier. 

Our "Renaissance" would not have happened without them.

 Sidney Smith  Yes they gave us so much, and it seems in these latter days they've lost so much. They've forgotten their greatness, and too many have become murderous "Maniacs". 

Maybe we should return the favor, and remind them that 'they' were the bright light in the centuries of darkness. Remind them that it was the Islamic world that was the center of learning, and tolerance. 

In Moorish Spain all of the tribes of the "Book" Christians Jews Moslems all lived in peace, and co-operated for near a thousand years. Perhaps...this is a fantasy, but maybe Obama or his successor should appeal to the Islamic world in a speech telling them of their great history of enlightenment, and living in peace with all others. That might work far better than a carpet bombing assault.

Terrence White  I agree, Uncle Sidney. It's definitely worth a shot.

 Sidney Smith  It has the virtue of never being done...quite like this before. I always wondered what would happen if a head of a Superpower just came out, and told us the truth...the real truth of how the world, and history works. 

 How it's a feeding frenzy we're locked into. Like mad dogs in a pit fighting over a carcass. 

Then going on to tell us there's a way out...a way out for the whole world. This is what we thought Obama was going to do. 

Still someone someday 'has' to do it.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Sooner or later we'll go broke, unable to project power beyond Albuquerque if that far, and all such debates will be moot. Every bomb we squander brings us closer to that point.


  2. Yes likely.

    I just read a while ago a S/F novel about a worldwide plague. As you say, and so happened in the story. Washington could not project any military force other than the few nuclear subs unaffected, beyond the eastern corridor.

    Everything was chaos or warlords.

    That, and those subs were refusing orders to launch their missiles at the imagined originators of the pandemic. They demanded proof, and there was none so no dice.

    I think our Empire will end for us in a somewhat similar way. Gross pandemic or economic collapse perhaps some mix of such.

    Doesn't matter we'll be history,...literally.