Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Make America LOVE Again - Free Hugs Donald J. Trump Wisconsin & Bernie S...


  1. Kyo, hi to all

    very interesting video and the many good comments from smart folks. its so American to see the trump supporters reject to free hugg and many bernie supporters REQUEST a free hugg.

    I use this folder ree hugg video by Dave Matthews Band in my Jpn student University classes. its super good, the student have to write down what they see. first I show the opening where this guy is on the street in NYC, asking folks for SOMETHING.I stop the music video at this point as they have to write what is he,asking? each student has to read their guess. Give me money. Give me a job. What time is it? Etc....

    look it up, Youtube, Everyday by Dave Matthews Band


    here is Everday, if your a teacher, only show the first minute and stop the music video ask students what might the guy on the street be ssking? note, everyone rejects him at this point.