Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"Proposed Emblems for our Republic"

Although these pages are titled "Sweetness, and Light". It is in fact a 'province' of the beloved Web-Nation the "Royal Republic of Sydneyland". It's been around for six or seven years in one form or another. Anyway time for a new set of official heraldry. I think the above does the trick. 

Sure there was the totem of the Pope's head impaled on a bloody lance. Also something involving an IRS collector being eaten  by deranged white mice on Angel dust crack, and whiskey.

Still as much fun as those were I think perhaps we'll settle on the above. The others we can use on Halloween July fourth, and maybe Chanukah.   Whaddaya think?


The above from our 2013 archives. It makes mention of the original notion of my many blogs in the last perhaps 12 or 13 years. Really not sure.


The idea was that this space was an independent republic. A Royal Republic. I even handed out titles. Lady Susan is still out there reading...greetings my dear Lady. 

So the above...I guess are the symbols for this still operating republic. Tho' I often forget that we are one. Which is how it should be. "The government that governs least governs best." 

Franklyn I think. 

Stay Tuned. 

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