Thursday, March 3, 2016

"The Facts of Life"

This one is serious, and may Offend in a Big Way.
It's my opinion about Abortion.

"The Facts of Life"

Part I

Okay here it is. I am horrified by abortion. I think it's outright murder. I 'also' believe that women have the ultimate right to chose if they will carry their child to term.
I have extreme views on both sides of this issue. For example I think no man, no male has any right to decide or rule on this topic. No male judge, administrator or Pope can say bleep.

This is a profoundly female issue.

On the other hand as I just said I believe it's murder. Just like the Church, and assorted far right groups say it's the "Slaughter of the Innocents". Unfortunately these guys have linked it to all the Culture War hot button issues.

This is tragic.

The topic doesn't belong there. It should never have become an ideological football. Just a rag doll to be kicked this way, and that depending political whims.

This is about life, and death, and trumps everything else.

Folks against abortion, not all, also tend to be against every progressive thing on the political landscape. Both the right, and 'left' have included abortion in their dreary laundry list of culture war flash points.

Anti-abortion ideologues seem to me not to love the mothers or even respect the dead kids. Just check out the gallery of horrors they use in their propaganda. Color pictures of dead shredded babies till the cows come home. I've seen all that, and wonder why they don't give the kids the dignity of a service.

That and a burial or cremation.

The political left too often loses sight that there's more than just the life of the mother involved. There's a child, a living child is in this mix as well. To their shame the progressives say it's just flesh.

A blob of nothing.

I was in a relationship with a dear friend many years ago. She had a miscarriage. She lost her child, our child.

Do you get it? This "blob" was our kid.

We wanted the remains, little as there was for a proper release. The hospital had as a matter of routine "disposed" of the tissue as they called our baby.


I don't know maybe it's because I love kids so much or that helping to raise one of my sister's children was perhaps the happiest time of my life. That, and losing our baby, our "tissue" is what makes me feel as I do.

Still I know having a kid is no speed-ball rush,..exactly.

Perhaps if I had the ultimate responsibility to raise a malformed or mentally dysfunctional child I'd think different about abortion. That or if a woman, and the actual birth would kill me.

Yeah I have thought of that.

Bringing a tormented disabled child into this deranged world. If I were a woman I hope I would have the wisdom, and strength to know what to do.

This is a nightmare indeed.

This horror was made even clearer by the recent incident in Italy when an aborted child lived for two days in the trash. The baby was mixed up with the usual medical waste, and was found by accident.
This isn't the first time this has happened, and I have to assume it's not uncommon around the world. 

Especially in China where abortion is sometimes forced on women for population control.
Btw there's a black market for aborted flesh for use in soup in that workers paradise.
So I'm saying this is murder, and I'm saying only woman can decide to kill their own kids.

No I don't mean people like that sad disturbed lady that drowned her little kids in her car,...and then blamed it on a Black man.

I guess this is holding two seriously opposing positions at the same time. Something I'm told one can't do. Actually folks do this sort of thing all the time. We just don't make a fuss about it for convenience sake.

Damn, this still doesn't make sense, but it's the best I can do for now.

Part II

I had breakfast with a dear gal pal the morning after I wrote the "Facts of Life" piece. (...see above.) She said "...Well I'm a murderer too", and told me the details.

I repent using the "M" word.

It was the emotion of it all that blinded me to the harm that loaded epithet could cause. Indeed my own Mommy had three abortions. Back then it was so wrapped in shame that she only told us the story near her life's end. A deeply emotional, and morally complex nightmare.

I really don't know how to properly express my feelings about the life or death of these babies. I guess all one can do is support your family member or friend while they're dealing with this trauma.
Also if it's appropriate to the particular circumstance.

That is if there's no danger to the mother, and the child is developing in a healthy way. One should, I would, plead for the life of the kid.

'Heavens sakes I always wanted a baby so give it to me.
Would I 'really' mean that? I hope I would.

When the moment comes I'll know.


The above was pointless.

I was viciously attacked by my women "friends" for writing this despite my trying so hard to empathize. Even one of my oldest dearest women friends came at me with frankly blind rage. So primal is the subject.

So, and this is the only issue I'll do this on. I'll never write about this again.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Sometimes Syd you can be a literal minded prick. Being born is a horrible crime. Nobody asked to be born and nobody gave their consent to this crime. "Blessed event" my ass!

  2. I came to the same conclusion...nobody...I didn't you didn't ask for this shit. Maybe women know this more than men. Perhaps this is why otherwise thoughtful rational women lose it when all this comes up.

    They putting it bluntly being the "baby Factories".

  3. I have no problem with your holding two incompatible POVs at once. I myself am not sure what to think about the whole topic. Also, it's way too emotionally charged. When resuming posting about a homoerotic attraction to cute young lads seems like returning to safe ground, you know you've pushed a hot button.