Monday, March 14, 2016


 Health is down the crapper. It's 911 time again...I'll let ya know how it plays out.


  1. Get well soon Sydney! Thanks for keeping us up to date and please keep us posted on your recovery. We all love you man!

  2. Got home early today Tuesday...what the bleep time is it anyway...around 3am.

    They filled me with stuff to clear out my guts. I was surprised I still had anything in there what with barfing a days.

    The human body is just full of surprises.

    A lot of pain...getting used to that..don't like it one bit, but it's growing on me. This time serious weakness like I never had before.

    Hey I'm okay, but am going to sleep now.


  3. Sleep sound Sidney. I want you to heal up and feel better.


  4. Thanks for the update Sydney. Rest and let us know how you are progressing when you feel up to it. Above all... GET WELL SOON !!!

  5. Not sure may go back in...bad cough dizzy the works. Btw the co-pay with Medicare is much higher...thanks swell!

  6. Sure hope you're feeling better Sidney. That's a bitch about the co-pay. Insurance not only makes us pick up the soap, but forces us to buy their lube - lest they use none.


  7. Greetings.....

    Just got home this morning from another trip into the maw of medical entertainment. I went to one of those walk-in clinics that are now so was nice bright friendly all that.

    They worked me over blood x-rays the works.

    They let me rest in a examination room the assistant dimmed the light so I could nap. Every room there has a screen showing the Saturday morning stuff from the Cartoon Network.

    They show the kids seriously weird bleep up stuff these daze. Me I had them classic 1930's, and 1940's cartoons on the local TV channels.. bless you Uncle Fred Scot Sandy Becker Officer Joe Bolton, and that guy dressed as a sea captain the gave us all them Popeye racist WW2 fight the Japs toons.

    The stuff now is outside of history.

    I mostly couldn't make out what species they were supposed to be.

    I looked at it with one of the doctors, and neither of us could make out what the superhero main character was supposed to be, electric fish...rabbit robot thing?

    Other than that my Doc...a cool lady said that the x-rays implied the early stages of Pneumonia. That, and my blood sugar was off the charts further I was profoundly hypoglycemic extremely dehydrated...this was for starts...she went on.

    She said there was nothing more the could do for me there that I was very sick, and she wanted to transfer me to an ER at once...she needed my permission.

    Having been there a few times in the last weeks I was reluctant, but she said my " is at stake".

    That got my attention.

    So off in the meat-wagon for the third time in less than a month I went. Literally some of the staff at Methodist greeted me as a regular.

    They did the works on me for a whole day, and night. bless their hearts. I came away seriously weak drained, but medically better...a bleep load of prescriptions too.

    I'm in bed now.

    Stay Tuned.

  8. Sorry to hear you had another meat wagon crisis Sidney. But glad to hear you came out of it. Rest up and get better, you hear?

    I wish you and me was on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, where (my cell phone tells me) it's a balmy 77 degrees Fahrenheit and nothing more strenuous to do than watch the waves roll gently in. You wouldn't have to worry about no freaking pneumonia and I wouldn't be sneezing and blowing my nose right now. I'm thinking of building a gypsy wagon and rolling it down there. Whaddaya say?


  9. Sounds like a plan...I'll get my hat.

  10. I betcha Charlie would love to join us there too. It's not like it's a hardship destination, you know. Probly plenty of cute young fashionistas there already.


  11. Feeling better..can breath okay a lot of pain gone...still dizzy weak all that...but better.

    Thanks for the love comrades!