Monday, March 7, 2016

"Uncle Crisp"

( From my 2011 Archives.)

Above are portraits of the young Quentin Crisp. Truly a Gay Blade before his time. Btw I had the honor, and swell fun of being acquainted with him. He would sometimes come to be interviewed at WBAI, when I was an engineer there.

Here I name drop, and try to bask in reflected sunshine. Chatting with Quentin from time to time I once mentioned that I did small self published Queer art books. He asked to see one the next time he came by.

The above Angel/Faerie lad is from the book I gave him. He smiled that Quentin smile wagged his finger at me, and said, "...this is delightfully naughty". He asked me to sign it for him, and I did.

He was well loved, and is deeply missed.


  1. Hail to Quentin Crisp! The finest artist's model this side of the Pond, and a dead ringer for Elizabeth I to boot.

    I have some stuff to talk about that's kind of off-topic for this post, but I'm real busy and kind of run down and I'll have to let it wait a day or two. BTW, I'm still running my blog, but not too many visitors as yet. Probably I should start pimping it on Twitter and Spacebook and stuff like that.

    My obsession with Master Flamenco continues, and what's more I actually attended a flamenco show - not by him, but by his brother, who's also a great dancer. The show was *stupendous.* I'm a total flamenco freak now.


  2. BTW, I've just set up my BlogSpot blog so people can post on it anonymously, like here. Took me a while to figure this out. My Wordpress blog has exactly the same content, but so far as I can tell they make everyone log in with an email addy. I'll try to find a way around that if I can.

    Here's the BlogSpot version: