Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Queen Marilyn the Good"

"Queen Marilyn the Good"

I dream of a different America. Another timeline. An American Commonwealth ruled by a wise brave, and compassionate Queen.

"Queen Marilyn Norma Jeane Monroe the First"

In this 'other' America the capital is in Miami. A sparkling art deco city with a half mile high Chrysler Building at it's center. In this other USA I see the Queen coming home from her diplomatic triumph in China.

Queen Marilyn personally negotiated the independence of Tibet!

She arrives home aboard a vintage Pan Am China Clipper flying boat. In this other history good things beautiful things are not discarded just because of newer technologies.

The giant Clippers were, and are both beautiful, and efficient so are kept.

The greatly beloved Queen is greeted at the Royal airdrome by plumed mounted knights in armor of gold. The Royal Procession is headed by the Queen at the wheel of a 1957 pearl white Thunderbird.

As they proceeded to the jade, and silver gilded "Palace of the People" the procession is thronged by the adoring masses. They sing songs of Freedom, and Liberty as their Queen slowly drives past.

In the setting tropical sun the knights seem as a river of molten gold streaming down the Avenue of Dreams.

The crowd in their regional native dress appear as extras from a classic "Carmen Miranda" movie.

Later that night from the balcony of the Peoples Palace Good Queen Marilyn declared a fortnight of Masks, and Reveals to both celebrate Freedom for Tibet, and the great bounty of the National Harvest!


Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

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