Monday, March 21, 2016


While I was otherwise engaged it seems some history happened. The President of the United States of America visited Cuba. For a boomer like me this is a big bleeping deal.

Like the fall of the Berlin Wall where innocents trying to escape the grey heartlessness of failed revolutions were shot down like dogs.

Like having the architects of the Vietnam war coming forward. Those like Robert McNamara. Him, and others admitting their lies. Acknowledging it was a failure from the beginning. A million Vietnamese, and 50,000 Americans slaughtered in that war a nation brutally divided for nothing...Nothing.

All the assassinations of that era.

All of it.

Now this. The perhaps final correction to all those arrogant blood splattered mistakes. This mistake perhaps the most dangerous that nearly killed the Northern Hemisphere in Nuclear Fire.

When Air Force One touched down in Havana. Touched down at Jose Marti International Airport one of the last pieces of the Cold War was laid to rest. Those in my age cohort have lived to see it.
An end of an era of power aggression, and blind arrogance by two World Superpowers holding the whole world hostage to their extreme obsessions.

...and so another age begins.

A further thought on this perhaps the biggest mistake of the Cold War. If things had gone slightly differently, and the Missiles of October had launched...

My parents would have never grown old my brother myself, and sisters would have never grown up. We all for the past 50 years would have been blast shadows on a wall in Brooklyn.

Was it blind luck or was it the Angels?

Stay Tuned.

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