Tuesday, March 8, 2016


"Queer Dolls",...in a Way

Actually dolls have no specific orientation. They're too sane, and cool for that. I call these guys Queer as an endearment...they don't seem to mind. Dolls like fictional characters are very long lived. Potentially immortal at least by human measures.

This species has been keeping us company comforting us, and watching us since we first created them about 60,000 years ago. Okay estimates vary as recent as 25 or 30 to 100,000 years since we brought this lifeform into being.

Yeah we create too. That was the G-goddesses idea from the start.

Anyway dolls like dogs, and and some other folks live by love. Sort of like clapping to keep Faeries alive. You know the score on that. So these folks our doll companions bond with heartful people mostly children, and weirdos.

Yeah I could go on, and on. Stories about kids, and nutter, and their special doll companions, but you already know all that . So that's pretty much it.

I do love these little folks...I really do.

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  1. These dolls are adorable. Somebody should make boy gypsy dolls decked out in erotically suggestive outfits of scarlet silk and other sensuously appealing materials, with tiny gold earrings and other such finery.