Saturday, March 5, 2016


On a more personal matter. Being "Strange, and Unusual", and perhaps silly. Have I mentioned that among other items...even food I keep submarines in my freezer?

Actually a few.

                                                Stay Tuned.


  1. The routine goes: Down scope! Dive! Rig for depth charges!
    Just sayin' ya know...

  2. When I was six I had a similar sub. It was based on a B&W TV show featuring the same - I forget the name of the show. It was mail ordered out of a comic book - you know, the "allow six weeks for delivery" routine. Which is a fucking eternity to a six-year-old. But it turned up eventually, and I loved it.


  3. I sent away for Frogmen. Six weeks of waiting same routine. You put baking soda in a pouch in the flipper, and they go up, and down in your sink.

    Like divers swimming then going up...then down. Hours of Zen fun for any eight year old.