Saturday, March 5, 2016

"Hot Fudge"

 "This bleeping Rant has been coming on all we go!"

I just happen to look out of the window here a moment ago,'s snowing. Here I was literally just thinking there would be more till the end of this year.

Well wadda ya know a little snow before the first of the Spring heatwaves. Oh didn't you hear? Next week it'll be in the mid-70's. Maybe 80f around D.C.

Yet our TV weather clowns smile, and talk about the "wonderful weather" this all during the "Non-Winter Winter". What pisses me off is how the weather happy-face jerks...likely under orders make this clear evidence of climate change seem "Nice".

It was 65/70f in the Northeast Christmas eve, and they glossed over this historic event. Hardly a mention. Other than laughing quips about Christmas shopping in short sleeves. The local Fox moron actually did this. Whereas this was the actual equivalent of 45f on July 4th if it were Global Cooling. That would have caused the panic we 'should' been having.

Still they smiled.

We are witnessing in our lifetimes an actual Planetary Climate Change. The stupid don't believe it, and the corporate weather stooges try to make it happy.  "...more pleasant weather coming"

This winter or lack of it has more than a few folks worried about our future.
I will say personally these Winter Heatwaves, and that's what they were, and are...50's to 70's roses blooming through what should have been the dead of winter have caused profound concern.

Christ in a burning Crack House!

Why aren't folks screaming, and running in circles like they're hair is on fire!!

For the first time it hit me.

Not intellectually that I've had for years. No this time a 'for real' Warm to Hot winter...a first. Kicked me in da Nuts my Bones my Soul. Stopped me in my frigging tracks. Left me with my drooling mouth hanging open. I damned near wet myself. This is the steamy shit of a point blank different world with a radically changed future, and not one for the better.

What of the rest of this year, and the next, and next?

The damned worst parts of the Bible are on the bleeping horizon. That, and except for the usual suspects everyone just stumbles blank-faced along business as usual. Every year is warmer than the last...and it just keeps going. Like the Governor said after "Sandy" "We're having a 'Storm of the Century' every three years now."

"We have to prepare to live in a changed world."

That 'should' have sent shivers down the spines of the whole nation...but didn't.
For 'me' this Winter-less Winter did the trick. This scared the bleeping shit out'a me! We are fucked in more ways than we can even begin to imagine.

Still the TV weather jerks smile, and the oblivious stupid ass mob suns themselves. *They won't know anything is up till the damned Atlantic Ocean bursts through their front door!


Real bleeping nice.

*Like with "Sandy" when the damned bleeping Ocean 'did' blast their doors in.

Ha!...even bleeping 'then' they didn't get it.

Stay Tuned.


  1. The other shuck-and-jive they give us on the news is all about how great we're doing for employment, & how many new jobs we have - something like 230,000 in February, they claim. This will come as wonderful news to the millions who, like me, are permanently out of work. So good to know those fresh-out-of-school kids drowning in college debt they'll never get out from under are finding plenty of underpaid non-union dead-end slavey jobs to keep them paying taxes to The Man until they all succumb to stress-and-poverty-related ailments. Wonderful! I guess this will continue at least until Wall Street sinks beneath Atlantic waves - probably some time by the end of this century.

    A foresightful and erudite blogger whom I greatly respect prognosticates that in 20 years or so, most Americans will be squatters, not renters. That's where we're headed.


  2. "...Americans will be squatters, not renters"

    This of course has already happened in many parts of the country. Especially those that have lost basically 'all' of their industry.

    The situation is desperate for many tens of millions of Americans. Bernie Sander's movement like the Occupiers before him are just brief blips on the screen. He will soon be forgotten like the Occupy folks.

    Soon he'll be the punch-line of late night TV jokes.

    Trump gets in it will be a very colorful, and entertaining end of the American Empire...a tad ahead of schedule, but as I say entertaining.

    Hillary's crowning will give us business as usual.

    The poor will remain a growing class police will continue to shot people down like dogs for minor or no offenses jobs will continue to depart for the Pango-Pango Republic the oceans will continue to rise, and the one percent of the one percent will continue to make out like the bandits they are.

    We are done.

    Unless of course there's a Mad Murderous Revolution.

    The Tea Party, Occupy now Trump, and Sanders are the last attempts by the masses of the American people to get justice in a relatively non-violent way.

    These popular movements of the right, and left were sparked by the same conditions. Very different targets of their grievances. However the 'same' real problems.

    So this election is more pivotal than is publicly being discussed. If it eventually goes down the shitter during the coming 10 years or so. Future historians will point to this election as the last free open American election before the insurrections, and mass killings began.

    This followed by the balkanization of the former United States of America into ethnic/ideological enclaves.

    Hopefully I'll be gone before then.