Thursday, March 24, 2016

"Aw Crap Gimme a Break"

          ( I'd pay good money to pee next to a trans woman that was peeing on a bigot.)

Officials in Charlotte, N.C., spent more than a year carefully considering and debating an anti-discrimination ordinance that was passed in February to promote the city’s culture of inclusiveness. 

State lawmakers quashed it on Wednesday by passing an appalling, unconstitutional bill that bars transgender people from using public restrooms that match their gender identity and prohibits cities from passing anti-discrimination ordinances that protect gay and transgender people.

Gov. Pat McCrory, who signed the bill into law late Wednesday, said it was necessary to undo Charlotte’s ordinance, which included protections for gay and transgender people.

By promoting the ludicrous idea that transgender women are inherently dangerous, the law endangers citizens who are already disproportionately vulnerable to violence and stigmatization.

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Stay Tuned.


  1. Somewhere recently you went off half-cocked on Obama's visit to Cuba Sid. You ought to read this to bring things into a better perspective:

  2. Aw well...

    Actually I don't remember exactly what I said. Something sentimental, and reactionary likely. As ya know I'm like that. Anyway never liked the Cuban revolution much initial bloodletting, and Queer imprisoning like in all such affairs.

    Regards the "Queer" thing my commie pals for years would tell me that the "revolution needs time to grow."

    Yeah right.

    That, and the Boss abolishing Christmas didn't help.

    An old dear friend visited her family down there about 10 years ago. They were bleeping starving. When the old CCCP went south shit hit the fan big time on the island.

    The fucking embargo did that.

    So yeah I do know what time it is generally. Cuba was a Yankee whore house for about 100 years. ...a Spanish one before that.

    Still when I was a lad I recall leading my comrade pals in class chanting "Cuba Si!" "Yankee No!" It was a common revolutionary era chant in was great fun.

    Mind you I only had a vague notion of what it meant at the time. However the Nuns hated it so we did it. I haven't changed that much through the centuries.

    Thanks for being there.

    (Yes...I'll read the "Counter Punch" piece you linked...thanks.)