Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Bless Love!!"

I was on the subway a few months back. The No.4 headed downtown late in the afternoon. Classes were out, and normally I can’t stand that time of day.

The youngsters makes so much damned noise. That, and some kids from the hell schools might stab or shoot you.

But I loves New York,…kind’a.

However this trip was different. Every now’n then one sees young Queers. Sign of the times I guess. So many are out much younger than we were.

I guess with the flood of cyber information that they swim in tells them they’re not alone. A blessing we old timers never had.

As a boy I remember going to the library to read an uncensored dictionary. 

There it was,…the “H" word.  

With that my loneliness lifted a centimeter or so off my soul. Queer kids today know from the start that there’s this whole Queer World all around them. Yes there are still great dangers, but at least they know they ain't alone.

I can never know what that feels like. To always know from the beginning you’re not the only one.
Sorry I’m digressing all over the place We’ll skip the sociology, and get to the point.

While I was on that downtown train I saw these two Queer school boys that were clearly in some variation of teen love lust madness for each other.

I t was good to see. Very ‘Good to see.

These were just standard issue youngsters like we were. Ordinary wonderful souls. Like I sez it was just nice to see. Oh it’s so good to see love.

I remember seeing a Lesbian couple that was so clearly in absolutely in the depths of love for each other. I was moved to tell them how swell they looked together.

No they didn’t pull out matching pearl handled 45.automatics, and fire at me till I was a greasy spot, least that time.

Naw they was just all smiley faces, and lovey dovey.

So in honor of blind love, lust, and that great soup of un-nameable emotions that comes with it.

"I say Bless Love, and the Big Mess it Always Makes!"

(...feel free to use the above statement on t-shirts.) 

(....From my 2010 Archives.)

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