Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"Life, and Times"

Arthur Zemlinsky‎ , Misanthropic Antinatalists

"Children are not supposed to love their parents as much as their parents love them. They're supposed to pay it forward. In other words, life is a giant fucking Ponzi scheme."


Basically as I understand it this "Movement" believes it is wrong to bring new human life into the kind of world that currently exists. Doing so just expands the pool of suffering.

Interesting that. I have no living children. I had one, but the child died in miscarriage. However I have many nieces, and nephews. I was close to a few of them, and raised one from birth to age seven. They're all grown now with families of their own.

I love them more than I can say.

As for how much they love myself or their parents now...I can't be sure. It's a different kind of love that a child loves. It is intense. As children they are dependent on you for all the necessities of life.

You are their world.

As they grow, and expand their world. You while still important are no longer at their center. They make new hierarchies ones relevant to their more complex needs. As for Mr. Zemlinsky's position it's true, and not. Like so much in life. Elements of both sides of the argument are true, and false. Still despite their new loves, and responsibilities children who were raised with love still love their guardians.

As I say I have no children to suffer. Though I did want children, and was joyful when it seemed one would enter our extended family. Still I was mindful then as now of what this actually truly meant. We don't at this time have a world worthy of new children, but they will be born anyway. When they come when they enter your life either as yours or a sibling's or friend's one loves them with all your heart. They will for a time love you with equal fervor.

So goes the world.

About the Anti-Natalist Movement. A temping point of view considering what our species has done to the earth, and all the other living beings on it. However children will continue to be born. We like all life breed compulsively not rationally.

This idea of bringing no more children onto the earth if just to suffer. Though interesting will have as I say no effect on the continued growth of the human population. Yes some will adhere, but the vast majority who are not so concerned. Who have no interest in this or that ephemeral to them intellectual constructs will continue by instinct, and tradition to have many children.

Control of the human population will have to come by other means. Likely through the Earth being no longer being able to feed them. I wish the whole tragic reality were not so. The ultimate solution will be again as I say via the Earth itself. 

Based on all I have researched, and witnessed with my own eyes this will be the case.

Stay tuned.

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