Wednesday, January 11, 2017



Well back from my shrink...they gave me the wrong day for the appointment. Swell. However it did get me out of the house. On the down side I'm out of Meds. they said they would contact my drug store in the morning. Till then I'm a tad dizzy, and shaky.

Otherwise just peachy.

I love watching humanity stumbling by when I'm out in the world. On the train it was pre-lunch hour rush. So there were only ten folks in a carriage that holds at max about 80 to 100.

So I had a clear field of view.

Five had their heads buried in their assorted devices four were asleep, and I was watching, and making mental notes of the sociology of early 21st century behaviors. Back in the day folks read newspapers or sometimes books...they still do, but not nearly as much.

Seems I may be joining the head buried riders.

Outside the station they were giving out stuff to those on Medicare or other neat programs for old folks that Trump will soon abolish. In this case they were handing out the "Android" smart phone thing. I chatted with the youngsters running the table,...nice kids really. Anyway I qualified. However I couldn't stay so I'll pick up my "Government handout" as Fox News calls this sort of stuff next week.

Bleep Fox News to Bleeping Bleep.

I mean they had some knuckle head on there last week calling for the abolition of the food program for the very poor...which these days includes me. This evil wonk was saying as how $70 Million + bucks was being defrauded by the un-deserving poor. Imagine all those poor people eating..."Every day!!"

Well it turned out to be "Fake News" like the slander that everybody on public assistance is a drunk crack addict boozer. A Midwestern state had folks tested for drugs before they could eat, and they aren't addicted to anything except hunger. Btw of course one of those republican Scrooges was busted for cocaine possession. I forget the name, but you've heard about it.

If he were poor, and Black he'd be in prison for the next five to fifteen years. Eh,...he never saw the inside of a police about that.

Anyway more of my observations of the world today.

A lady came up to me...and others giving out this leaflet as to how AIDS is the punishment for Sin. I told her it was the punishment for unprotected butt sex. That if she wanted anal sodomy she'd be fine if her pal would wear a condom. She just stared at me.

I was sincere.

Eh,...I think I surprised her with my concern for her health. I try to be reasonable out there I mean I don't wanna get shot or indoctrinated into some cult or insurance plan.

Anyway she thought that I didn't get what she was on she explained. In a word Leviticus. Well being the sort of jolly soul I am I enjoy fucking with my fellow nuts by engaging via the logic of their positions.

This is always fun.

I mean I didn't tell her that this was the most evil, and cruel book of the Judeo Christian Islamic tradition. I just suggested that the translation of the current text of "Leviticus" is very likely wrong, and that theologians were at that very moment slamming each other over the head with hard salami's...ahem, over what a correct version might be. I suggested she use another verse till the dust settled.

I think I confused her.

In any case I said I was late for a doctor's appointment, but took her screed thanked her, and went on my way. This after happily sown doubt in a true believer. Hey I was just doing da Lawd's work.

Stay Tuned.

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