Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"Out, and About'

My pal Justin on his page suggested that maybe we could get Obama to stay as Boss on a "month by month basis" till we get all this mayhem sorted out.

I like the "Month by Month" idea. Not remotely Constitutional, but these days who cares about that. Hell make me boss for a few months till we figure this mess out.

I'll forgive all personal debts.

College mortgage everything, and give everyone over 25 a cash grant of $ make that $20k to start over clean. That would come to the cost of one or two Super Carriers. Which those who know their ordinance know are just floating magnets,...bull eyes for anti-ship missiles.

Btw the age of the big surface fleets is long over. The only reason we still build the damned things is because the "Carrier Admirals" run things. This like the "Battleship Admirals" before them. They'll learn their lesson in the first days of a real war like the battleship jerks learned at Pearl harbor.

...but I digress.

About being Boss of America I'd also have all the damned crooks that destroyed the economy arrested, and shot. Well okay not shot. However given 10 years of public service. Preferably hard labor. I'd do a bunch of other neat things too, but this is just a nice start.

Oh yeah election day is now a public Holiday like July 4th. I really want to arrest, and perhaps shoot all the lobbyists, but then I'm against the death penalty. So perhaps we'll put them in stalls along the Boardwalk at Coney Island.

Folks can come up, and throw pies at them...all day everyday. Five cents a throw as everybody can have a shot. There's more, but I'll have to get back to you about them.

As for what all the mayhem of 2016 has taught me is that we all want the same things. Yeah we put very different spins on it...but it's the same jazz.

Peace security a future for our kids thereby the country.

Social, and economic justice better TV new ice cream flavors a national government in touch with the actual people they are supposed to represent. Rebuilding the damned infrastructure...I mean how many more bridges need to fall the bleep down till we do this...also a trans-continental high speed rail system,...I like trains.

So hating folks that voted this way or that ain't or shouldn't be on the program because as I say,...other than them Nazi's, and the bleeping Klan. Other than them grease-balls we're all on the same side albeit in our various unique ways, and want the same things.

The 1950's ain't coming back...mores the pity.

Oh I dream of the Detroit iron that was shat out onto the new interstates of the time. Sadly that's gone, and now we have cars that look like melted sneakers...good bleeping grief.
Anyway quit fighting, and get ya shit together to fix this wrecked Republic up. Never mind Trump he's already breaking his promises. Just like they all do. Look force your local reps to do their jobs is all. Failing that make me Boss. I'll show ya a thing or two! Uncle Clyde,...or was it Uncle lee. Anyway one of them swell guys had one of man! A 1957 Dodge with fins that could cut a wedding cake!.

Stay Tuned.

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