Sunday, January 8, 2017


Possessions no matter how dear are temporary. Like clouds the wind takes them. The experience of being house-less was a great lesson. I have stuff again, but not nearly as much, and I know it all will eventually vanish. What is left is what can't be sold to you or taken away. 'You' remain.

( Below...From a Facebook reader.)

Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism have been teaching these principles for thousands of years. I like my material possessions, they make life comfortable, but I can let them go if I have to ???. We know material possessions are temporary. Yet, how many of you are ready to get rid of your computer, your television, your phone ?? Are you ready to feel uncomfortable without these possessions. Much easier said than done.

( My reply.)

Having gone through it it's actually easy because you're busy with so much else. However when calm comes you find you don't miss it,....the "stuff". I was a bit surprised. ...but then not.

Stay Tuned.

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