Sunday, January 8, 2017

"Snow Day"

Oh Saturday. Time was one would look forward to this sacred day when you can sleep late, and walk around in your jammies or underwear till noon. All the static from work classes or just life being gleefully dumped out of your nervous system as you eat a whole box of cookies, and play music loud.

I still observe this Holy Day.

Though now forcibly retired everyday is a sort of Saturday, but the real day is 'the' Day! Btw do you smell something. it's vaguely like a roast being over cooked. Been noticing odd aromas lately in this 116 year old building.

I sometimes wonder about all the folks the families assorted weirdos, and others that have lived in my rooms. Like in that film "Brother from Another Planet". I wish I could touch the walls, and hear the voices of all the past lives that were lived here.

I sometimes wonder what they would have thought of me in their digs.

Well the spirit world being what it is I should say what do the currently think. As they may be dropping in from time to time.

Speaking of building news I have new neighbors on this floor. Nice folks, but they fight a lot...yelling doors slamming. Anger management police would have a hand full with these folks.

The Landlord had to come over to chat with them.

Such is life in the Big City,...speaking of which it's snowing like hell out there. I'm going out for hot soup perhaps I'll take a few snaps. Loves the snow, and this one is coming down in sheets!

You sleeping well lately.

I only slept for I think four hours. Woke, and couldn't drift back off. Loads of difficult dreams. My dad shows up a lot lately. That, and my caregiving years for my Aunt shows up. I loves them both, but the trauma of them times...still unresolved. Hence the dreams.

Well I'm off into the back soon.

Stay tuned.

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