Sunday, July 28, 2013

'Der Zorn des Gottes'~'Гнев Бога'

"The End of Our Story"

The End of all Things. Well the end of our things anyway. God made all things, and She can burn them away as She pleases. I think She's pleased to use us Her unwanted step-children to burn to this world away.

Then forget all about us. 

'Конец Нашей Истории'

Бог использует нас ее нежелательные дети, чтобы разрушить Землю. Это - то, почему она позволила нам становиться настолько интеллектуальными. 

Он позволил нам обнаруживать науку, таким образом мы можем полностью разрушить мир. После того, как мы делаем ее желание, она забудет нас. 

Она должна перейти к новым созданиям.

'Das Ende Unserer Geschichte'

Gott verwendet uns ihre unerwünschten Kinder, um die Erde zu zerstören. Sie liebt uns nicht mehr. Sie liebt nicht mehr diese Welt. 

Gott hat uns erlaubt, intelligent zu werden. Erlaubt wir, um Wissenschaft zu entdecken. Wir haben die Codes des Lebens gebrochen. 

Wir sehen weit ins Weltall. Wir sind jetzt bereit zu tun, wie sie wünscht. Verbrennen Sie die Erde. 

Wir werden es zerstören, und sie wird lächeln. Nachdem wir gebrannt haben, wird der Erdgott uns verfluchen, und uns vergessen.


  1. This is getting disturbingly gnostic. How about a little happy paganism with chocolate Easter bunnies or something?


  2. Well I'm in a one of my moods. I'll snap out of it in a while. Ya you I'm low into the fire, and brimstone blizzards just now.

    I'll get back to gleeful noises in a bit.

    Thanks for hanging out,...btw what do you think of "Dragonfly".

    Yeah I ain't doing much there, but do ya think it's at least okay. Yeah it ain't hot stuff just now, but I hope it's keeping the comrades in good humor.

  3. I like Dragonfly. I haven't commented on it before because one can't there.

    I hope you're feeling better. Has the heat wave finally rolled on to other horizons?


  4. Actually I tried to turn on the comments on "Dragonfly".

    It won't work.

    Tried all sorts of widget action...zilch.

    I'll try again later.

    Yeah the hellish heatwaves have calmed down, Now it's mostly normal heat.

    The normal sticky steamy crap that summer in the Emerald City is infamous for.

    Fall is six weeks away! Yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!