Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Well I noticed that according to the Stats I have more Canadians reading this page. So I thought I'd extend the same respect I've shown the Russian, and German fans by publishing a Canadian translation of my posts.

Well it turns out them folks upstairs from us actually speak a sort of American..or English. Imagine that.

Yeah it's mostly American with some French thrown in for the hell of it. 

In fact now that I think of it my dear pal Nurse Pickles,...Comdr. Royal Canadian Navy Ret. "Pickles" is in fact one of them Canadians, and speaks a sort of English.

I can understand her pretty good except when she gets excited, and lapses into that Anglo-French stuff. When she goes there I don't have a clue what the hell she's on about.

Anyway I don't have to translate.

Well I did try. I used one of them on-line things to translate American into Canadian. Well the screen went dark for a moment then came back on with the text,  ...

"....they speak fucking English up there ya stupid retard!!" 

Christ's sakes how the bleep was I to know.

Stay Tuned.


  1. I can translate into Frog, er, French for you if you want.....


  2. Apparently Canadian I mean French Canuks has this big deal about "Dr. Pepper".

    Well actually so do I, but I draw the line at mayonnaise, and or vinegar on fries.

    Strange folks them Northerners.