Sunday, July 28, 2013

"Your True Beauty!"



Everyone is Beautiful! I don’t care what the hell you look like. Your body is just a big bag of water shit, and piss that gets old spotty, and dumpy anyway.

You the real you is Beautiful always was always will be, and don’t let any jerks tell you otherwise. 

That, and toss your TV smart phone computers, and all that other crap that just causes trouble out the damned window…smash it with a hammer first.

That or shove that evil stuff into a wood chipper, and dump it all into the river. Comrades all this overpriced junk lies to you, and makes you feel like nothing.

 It’s a Mugs game the Devils game! These things are Hell Spawn Soul Killers!

Flush the whole lot of it!!

…say I would have made a swell Baptist preacher ya think?

Stay tuned.

( I've re-printed this several times now. This because it needs constant repeating...Dammit We 'ARE' Beautiful!!! ....Fuck all the image mongers that say we ain't!)

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