Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"A Day in the Life"

Aw crap I just made the mistake of watching the News just now. Good Fucking Grief! This damned planet's a Burning Madhouse with Backed Up Shitters on bleeping greased Wheels.

You getting the picture.

I knew there was reason I never got cable. Although now I have it. A gift from my sister so I can have something to keep me company. Well that, and the high speed connection.

Anyway dear comrades life is so full of wonders. It is. So why do we do this deranged crap. Heck you folks are more in the world than me these daze so ya know all the details.

I won't bother ya with them.

Look here's the obvious. All we 'ALL' need is loose shoes free tuition, and a warm place to take a dump. That's it. Give the world that, and they'll all be happy as clams.

Well sure there's add-on stuff like neat weird toys delirious fantasies come true, and maybe a 1963 Corvette.   'But you gets my point.

Ah well.

I have a bunch of errands to do today. Post office...seems I have a package. Ain't that swell when that happens. Takes you back to being a kid when a big brown box wrapped in string comes to the house with your name on it.

Seriously neat.

Well that, and I need to pay all my damned bills. Do some shopping too I'm out of everything. Hey I have a Benefits Card for food, and stuff just like 30% percent of the country. 

Did you know that a large number of our grunts fighting our Wars are on Food Stamps. Yeah that's how their families get to eat while their out saving the Oligarch that owns us all.  

Nice huh?

Anyway being an old retired guy these days turns out I finally qualify. Hey I'm grabbing all that Welfare State jazz while we still got it. Matter of fact I have a big scary hospital thing tomorrow morning. All paid by my tax dollars.

Yeah you'n me paid for all that by working all own lives, and paying in. However our owners think it charity...Welfare, and want to turn it off. Heartless bastards. Clearly these greedy characters,...their hearts should explode in their chests, never read Dante.

Btw good thing I'm being checked out by them docs in the morning. I'm still a tad yucky. In fact I'm going to lay down for a while before I go tramping all over town. 

...oh, and I don't live in the building up there. 

It's a few blocks away. I just thought it was an interesting shot. 


There she is! Just below. A 1963 split window Corvette! If 'this' is the first thing I see after I kick the bucket I'll know I'm in the right place.

Be back later.

Stay tuned.


  1. Hate to break it to you, but the wars come mainly from everybody trying to grab the Corvette - that and full spectrum global domination. If we settled for good public transit & a genteel latrine, things would be a lot better .

    Wall Streeters think welfare is charity because they imagine that the top of the pyramid holds up the bottom. Sooner or later they'll find out the hard way how gravity works.


  2. As I mention below somewhere, "...Like the French Aristocracy they won't see it coming." 'And the won't. They don't have a clue.