Monday, September 8, 2014

"What a Poor Sad Bastard"

If nothing else this guy shows that there's no such thing as a "Magical President" that will fix everything. Yeah we all knew that, but were taken up by the old Dream.

We thought we elected Moses or Batman or somebody like that, and we just got a guy. A good guy for sure compared to the demented lunatics we could have gotten, but still just a guy.

I probably won't ever vote again.

Aw don't mind me I'm just grumpy, and pissed off just now. I had a bad reaction to some powerful meds. That action put me in bed for the last few days so I'm kind'a nuts.

Also the President pretty much said that this Isis thing is going to go on for years. The next President the next administration will have it in their hair as well. Mean time these madmen will be hacking, and butchering.

Sometimes ya just want to shut the door turn out the lights shove pastry into ya mouth, and watch old movies.

Which beats what I would have done back in the day. 

I'd have been on the phone with my connection, and would have gone on a cocaine meth binge for the rest of the week... then a booze Valium chaser. 

Oh to be young, and stupid again. 

I really should have died...hummm come to think of it I did...twice. Had two near death things from over-doses. Must have been what near 30 years ago. Somewhere 25/30 in there.

I didn't see the famed "tunnel" when I was "Dead'. Instead I was being pulled backward into a cave...a cave full of stars. Imagine that.

Don't do any of that at home kids.

Anyway I have to deal with this Meds mayhem or I'll be in that damned cave again. 

That's a picture of me in the cave below.

I hate being sick. It's a total drag. I'm old, and the fuck did that happen. Last I remember I was 22, and running around with my pals bringing on the Revolution...which happened. Just not remotely the way we thought.

Who's have thunk Queer's would go Main Stream, and have their own sitcoms? Hell even the damned Pentagon observes Gay Pride Week...???!!!!.

Yeah revolutions is damned strange things.

Stay Tuned.

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