Monday, September 1, 2014

"Doll Glamor"

Praise da Lawd! I went, and found a bleep load of my doll portraits in a forgotten file. We'll 'I'm' happy about it. I thought I'd lost them all somewhere. I've lost tons of my work.

Is there a "Land of the Lost" for art pieces like there is for keys pens address books, and train tickets?  There ought to be. Love to see'n hear Mozart Lennon's, and Fats Waller's lost stuff.

R.Crumbs lost drawings. Van Gogh's paintings from when he was drunk, and crazy. Walt Disney secret porn drawings of nymphs, and faeries.  Ya gets the idea. Anyway expect to be inflicted with my doll shots for a while till I get fed up with it. Which is what happened last time which is why you ain't seen the in a while.

Stay Tuned.

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