Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Dreams",...Hermione & Draco"

Like everybody else I had thought to do porn shots with my "Harry Potter" dolls. Well naw...guess not. I'm still a little bit Catholic,...the deprogramming didn't completely take.

Anyway messing with them dolls is likely some sort of Venial Sin. I'd probably get 50 years in Purgatory for just 'thinking' about doing it.

200 years for 'actually' doing it, and 'another' 500 for posting it. 

Holy Mother Church has stated rates for each sin, and the circumstances you committed them in. This is what comes from having 2000+ years of celestial bureaucracy against you. 

If I'm lucky an Angelic Public Defender 'might' get it knocked down to just cleaning public toilets in Hell for 10 years.

Yeah lucky me.

Them demented kill joys have a sin for 'anything' that might be fun.

Stay Tuned.

1 comment:

  1. Just pretend you're a bishop or a cardinal. Get a red robe and hat, a nice gold pendant cross (it can be resin painted gold) and maybe a rather fancy malachite rosary, and wear this gear when you pick up the camera. That way it'll be okay. Or if not at least you'll be able to afford the necessary indulgences, and get off the hook with just the lightest slap on the wrist. Seeing as you're friendly with Hermione and Draco, I bet you have an account at Gringott's set aside for just this purpose anyway. Your vault is probably stacked with gold that the holy fathers are itching to get their hallowed fingers on.

    I'm sure the happy pair will be glad to pose for you. You know how horny young people are. It's just the excuse they're looking for.


    aka Beelzebub