Monday, September 1, 2014


I'm not sure what national bird this is of the Caribbean. A turkey on an Angel Dust Peyote cocktail?  ....Ahh those were the daze! To the point though these few snaps are of the Emerald City's Annual Labor Day End of the Summer Blow Out, and Caribbean Festival!

Sorry there are so few snaps. Com'on it was HOT! Crowded!...and in one hand I had a plate of curried lamb, and in the other my camera.

I think you see the problem.

A lot of unadjusted un-centered pixs. Look you got the basics. It's mostly near naked ladies with big butts, and boobs,...and some old guys in feathers.

Anyway after a while I retreated into a friends house on the Parkway where at this moment I'm watching the parade in air conditioned comfort.  I swear the guy who invented A.C. better have got beach front property in Paradise 'cause he or she deserves it!

Happy Labor Day comrades!

Stay Tuned.

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