Monday, September 1, 2014

"Fall Comes Again"

Oh how our little seasons do fly. Seasons years decades centuries.  As I mentioned earlier this summer I'm now closer to 100 than to 20. You hang around that long you tend to see thing differently.

How I love the changes of season. The whole world shifts to a new mode of life. Bud to bloom to seed to winter sleep. I guess this is why I can't live in place with only one matter how pleasant it might be.

I need to see the world evolve right before my eyes. Also now that I think about it. The present living generations are blessed, and a bit cursed to see an actual "Planetary Climate Change" in their lifetimes...amazing.

Truly later era's will see the mid-20th through the mid-21st centuries as an Age of Miracles, and an age of great challenges...most of them self-inflicted.

I'm actually Hopeful.

Tons of evidence to the contrary. However if you step back there's reason for hope. Hope for this planet, and the demented bi-peds that are stumbling all over it.


Stay Tuned.

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