Monday, September 1, 2014

"Life After Life"

Given how things are I've come to the conclusion that in previous lives I was either a woman or at least a dress mannequin several times. This doesn't count the lives in which I was a pencil sharpener or a toaster.

(Umm, this might be 'me' or one of my ancestors above there. I wonder if I made grilled cheese?)

Stay Tuned.


  1. WoW! Sydney so many wonderful posts. I'll be back here daily to read/see your thoughts. Especially now that we won't be able to hear them on WBAI anymore. "Saturday Morning With The Radio On" was a jewel Sydney: Thank You So Very Much!

  2. Thanks for listening all that time.You have to remember I was on the air at various places all together for near 36 years. I've done all that I know how in that medium.

    Life changes, and so has mine, and I'm happy with that. Please come by to this page when you can. Peace.