Monday, September 8, 2014

"My Tiny Worlds"

I'm sure my new shrink will have a field day with this. I have this life long thing for the "tiny". Dolls also as you know too well. Maybe it's because they're so small they can easily hide, and be safe.

That or because of their size I can protect them.

Like most folks of a certain generation I had a Hell of a Kidhood. 'Got the living crap beat out'a me all the time. Routinely demeaned terrorized humiliated the whole scary PBS documentary drill.

Mind you there was good stuff too...thanks Grandma!

Anyway during those swell daze was when I started building small scale models...not the big jazz. Couldn't afford it anyway. Naw it was all the amazing 1/72nd scale stuff. It fit in the palm of your hand!  

'See dear comrades it was all connected. 'I' couldn't be safe, but I could make whole worlds that were. This cascaded into my adult life. The need for safety by my taking night shift work. Even in my radio career. It's how I ended up an overnight host, and engineer for decades.

Again safety, protection.

At night there were less buttholes to deal with. Namely the suits were home asleep or getting shit faced or beating their wives, and kids, but not screwing me.  

It was my life long survival strategy.

This is how the abused, and generally fucked over cope. I didn't even know I was doing this till my first shrink slowly opened my eyes to it. Shrinks don't cure you. What they do let you discover how things happened. Why you do what you do.

The rest is up to you.

Stay Tuned.

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