Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"I've come to Bjork rather Late"

It seems I've gotten around to Bjork 20 years after everybody else. Well I 'was' busy. Affairs of State the Revolution, and my obscure broadcast career.

Still better late than never. She's the cat's meow ain't she, and from Iceland too. Which is always nice.

(...Hi Chris!)

Stay Tuned.


  1. She's something of an acquired taste for me.

    I've heard that in Iceland there's a strong belief in fairies. Icelanders are modern and scientific and all; but when building a road, Icelandic engineers have been known to build it around rather than through a hill, so as not to annoy the fairies living there. Very thoughtful, no?


  2. Sound like my kind of folks. Imagine the NYC Dept. of Public Works saying they're going to take a six block detour so as to not disturb the Faerie Circles.

    Yeah right.

    These same maniacs that are known to have torn up Native sites burial grounds homes of the poor for convenience, and bucks.