Sunday, September 7, 2014

"My Baby Elf"

(...I think I posted this or something like it some years back...don't recall. Anyway I think it's sweet so here it is.)

This is "Hotpoint" a baby Elf. I cal 'em "Hotpoint" because that's the sort of box I found him in. Anyway he lives with me at the house, and guards it when I'm out stumbling around, He likes watching TV, and is always using my card to buy weird junk on QVC.

What he planned to do with an electric shaving foam freezer I don't know.

Also like a cat he sleeps most of the fact so do I. I find that the older one gets the more like cats we become. We poke around eat stare blankly, and sleep...a lot. Btw he eats spiders, and grass.

Now if you take one of these swell folks in you'll need to get an "Elf Box",...Sears has 'em. Like hamsters these folks like ceder chips in there, and also "Fanta" orange soda in their bowls...with ice.

Stay Tuned.

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