Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Black to the Future"

Ridley Scott's new film about Moses. I forget the name. Eh,..."Pissed off Pharaohs from Planet X!" or something. Anyway as happens the Colored People from history are once again played by White Guys.

Don't get me wrong. I like white guys.

Especially if they're Eagle Scouts Boy Scouts umm sailors eh...well you get my drift. Anyway re-casting history as having all happened in Sweden is a common thing. We're sort of used to it. However changing the architecture goes a bit far.

Sort of like a far future world dominated by China, (...again), making a film about ancient America, and having Mount Rushmore with Asian guys carved on it. It's sort of the same thing.

Same thing, and just as insulting, and funny.

Right the Sphinx with Teddy Roosevelt's face on it. Actually that would be good. It would add a cool sense of the surreal to the thing. Also in a subversive way point out the ugly weirdness of ethnically cleansing history.  

Anyway write to Scott, and tell him what an Asshole he is for fucking things up again. Btw tell him that "Prometheus" sucked too.

 (...yeah that's my Egyptian Barbie up there.)

(Here's a sketch above of the Black Sphinx after Napoleon ordered the nose shot off.)+
Stay Tuned.

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