Thursday, September 4, 2014

"Saint Stephen's Day"

Actually this isn't St. Stephen's day have no idea when that is. However he just came to mind as I was thinking about how screwed over tens of millions of us in the "Land of the Free" are.

There are 'more' poor, and struggling folks in this rich country than there are total populations of whole countries in Europe. 

We should be ashamed be we're not. 

We don't even talk about them It's as if they didn't exist. The Occupy Movement shined a light on them for a short time, but we've already forgotten. Not even our hero Mr. Obama mentions them hardly.

Anyway Saint Stephen was an ancient Christian troublemaker that took all that "love each" other jazz as if they meant it. So he went around caring for them in need. Even as unknown Saints continue to do today.

This post is about all of us good comrades regardless of social station becoming unseen Saints. In other words give for heaven's sakes. No big show just do it.

For example I'm frigging broke as hell, but carry change specifically to give to them that needs.  Those of you dear comrades better off can carry more, and give bleeping do it.

Yeah I know everyone is told the poor are a gang of tramps that don't wanna work, and will use what ya give to buy drugs'n booze.

Gimme a break.

So what if a few do. Give the bleep anyway. It's fun being an invisible Saint. Humm, maybe we should come up with secret hand shakes or membership cards maybe t-shirts...although that would blow the secret part. Look we'll figure something, but in the meantime do the right thing.

Invisible Saints trading cards collect the whole set. Yep at the top of the post, and just above are two of the new series of "Cool Invisible Saints". Hey the next one 'could' be of YOU!

So get out there, and do your Holy'll be glad ya did. The poor bastards ya feed could be someone you knew a distant relative...or Me!

Stay Tuned.


  1. Okay now that I have all that off my chest I'm really going back to bed...loves ya all!

  2. When I travel to Chicago I always put $20.00 worth of change and small bills in my front pocket to give out in The Loop where I spend most of my Chicago time. If I come to NYC I will do the same and maybe run into you on the street Sydney.
    Love and hope you slept well .. it is my bed time too.