Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"The Lower West Side"

The Lower West Side of the Emerald City is just to the west of that other lower part that everyone always talks about. I was over there this afternoon getting poked, and jabbed by very nice medical practitioners.

They were all very determined for some reason to keep me not only alive, but happy, and hopeful. This despite my protestations that they shouldn't bother, but they went'n did it anyway.

Imagine that.

Anyway while stumbling to, and from these swell folks I took some snaps of the local architecture. It's by American standards old. That is 100 to 150 years old. In Europe, and Asia folks would think the paint was hardly dry.

Imagine living in a building that has been continually inhabited since the 1500's or earlier. Folks over in the real world take this as a given. Amazing!

Anyway I'm all checked out happy, and medicated as hell. So I might as well go to bed. See you folks tomorrow.

Remember ya Uncle Loves ya's.

Well okay I likes most of you, and Loves some of I can do.

Stay Tuned.