Sunday, September 7, 2014

"China May be the Answer"

  • (This is a back, and forth I just had on Facebook with some pals. I thought you should see it.)

     Sidney Smith There are no words. This looks like Berlin or Tokyo in 1945. I always supported Israel, and held them to a higher moral standard. This breaks that. This breaks that, and my heart. Btw I hold those Hamas madmen also responsible, but Israel more. Because Israel is supposed to know better, and be better.

    Michael Wilkinson Hamas only exist because of the extreme nature of Israel's policies. They are a response to it, not a reason for it.

  • Sidney Smith Yes I know I know. However I've been around long enough to realize that being persecuted doesn't automatically make you innocent. Our tragic problems rarely come down to good guys, and bad guys. All of our hands are dirty. As soon as we acknowledge this the sooner we can begin to heal.

  • Simon Loekle I'd not strongly oppose the immediate prohibition of all varieties of the Abrahamic faiths, which are responsible for so much suffering over the centuries.Reduced to ludicrous terms, the situation is akin to having two kids squabbling in the back seat of the family car, trading back and forth "You started it." "No, you started it." This goes on for some time until parental authority intervenes, stops the car and makes a stern promise. I suggest that China should be considered the acting parental authority in this case. They haven't the baggage of the West and have proven themselves quite capable in the "law and order" department.


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