Sunday, January 3, 2016

"A Verb"

A dear friend years ago said I had two souls. A Warrior's, and a Mother's. My "Warrior" side fights to survive in this harsh world the "Mothering" side makes Art, and Cares for my Family Friends, and what Kids are in my life. shrink came to mostly the same conclusion.

I wanted to adopt years ago. However at the time the culture wasn't ready for "Two Soul Daddies". Now I'm too damned old. However I try when I'm not selfishly caught up in my own noise. I try to give what love I can to whoever I happen to meet. 

Example I just met a lady on line at "K-Mart" just before Christmas. We got into a conversation. It came out that she's a recovering Addict. She was fearful of falling back in. I don't know where the words come from, but they always do. I spoke to her about my own former Drug life, and how I got out...and stayed out. 

We went on like this for a while...a very long Holiday line. Ya see we're all Angels. We all are called on from time to time to give a message. That's what an Angel is. A 'verb' not a noun. A message. 

Anyway as we parted the lady thanked me she said I helped. Imagine called on to give healing words when all I thought I was doing was buying socks. Life is like that.

Stay Tuned.


  1. That reminds me of Buckminster Fuller's "I Seem to be a Verb"
    Fuller also wrote in the introduction to another work this statement: "This book is written with the conviction that there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ people, no matter how offensive or eccentric to society they may seem."
    -R. Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path, 1981

  2. People are what the world makes them. I mean other than those that have actual mental disorders we're all just who we are. Trying to make a living, and not do that much damage while at it,....except for them One Percent characters.

    The mentally ill need to be cared for so the don't hurt themselves or others.

    The One Percent need to be shot.

    Hey I'm only a part-time Angel.