Sunday, January 3, 2016

"About Race"

Well it's like this. As I hope you know race really isn't my hobby...yeah I know what time it is. I fully know where I am, and who I am. However I don't bathe in it. That's what killed a certain radio station we used to like. 

Racial Justice for me would be that I could walk down the street in peace eating an ice cream cone window shopping, and not get shot!  Fat Bleeping Chance!

I don't like Race Politics either. 

Black reps are crooks like all the others. They have 'no' interest in anything, but themselves, and getting re-elected. I expect 'NOTHING' from them, and in 40 years I have 'not' been disappointed. Getting Racial Justice from 'anywhere from 'anybody' is like buying a Lotto ticket. 

You have more chance of being hit by the Moon falling out of the sky while you're hitting a home run at Yankee Stadium, and simultaneously winning on "America Has Talent" for playing a James Brown hit on a Tuba! 

Well okay maybe you 'can' hit that home run, but that tuba act will seriously stink, and then there's that 'Moon' thing. So Racial Justice in America ought to be here some time in the 38th century!

Btw I never liked Marcus Garvey. 

He was a dictator in waiting...thank gawd he never got a country to destroy. That Napoleon hat, and those bully boys he had around him freaked me out...I mean since I was little. 

Naw he was bad news on skates. 

(...and 'that' is my feeling on bleeping Race in America!) 

Stay Tuned.


  1. My fave example of this sort of thing is a guy on Pacifica who insisted that it's impossible for anyone black to be racist. Sure is a relief to know that.

    Garvey does kinda look like a wannabe Idi Amin. All that's missing is the mirror shades. But I've never read his stuff so I don't know exactly where he's coming from. I kinda have a hunch his POV isn't too aimiable, though. As for black reps, there IS Barbara Lee, who as far as I know was the *only* member of Congress to vote against invading Iran. She gets major kudos from me for that.

    (By the way, have you noticed this country doesn't seem to have an anti-war movement any more? What's with that?)

    Oh, yeah - I don't want you to get shot at either. That can really ruin your day.


  2. Aw gee I'm so tired of having to play this ridiculous role.

    "The Black Guy"

    As I say in the piece I just wanna be some guy minding his own damned business walking along chewing gum. Ya know it's like being an actor trapped in a role. For ya whole damned life you're 'that' stupid character.

    Everywhere ya go folks call out hey...fill in the blank.

    You can never be just a person. You walk into a room, and a whole history of twisted assumptions walks in with you. I walk down a street, and i hear the locks of car door click...thinking since I'm a Colored guy I'm gonna car-jack the moron.

    People won't get on the elevator if the see me.

    On cab nearly ran me over so quick was he to get away from letting me in...really happened not once, but several times. Haven't been in a cab since sometime in the 1990's.

    20 years there about.

    On the up side,....humm. I'll have to get back to you on that one.