Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"Golden Mayhem"

This photo of people falling over stinking drunk in Manchester U.K. is being compared to Renaissance art. This photo by photographer Joel Goodman, was posted in a "New Years Eve" party gallery of images on the "Manchester Evening News" website.  

"Police hold on to man while another lies in the road" it was titled.

It didn't take long for people to start comparing the image to fine art.

What can I say...folks in Europe are actually educated as opposed to the sweaty illiterate mobs of a certain sole, but fading super-power.

Look at the thing...amazing. Put them folks in period costumes, and Caravaggio could slap up a nice canvas of the scene. Yep the above Caravaggio piece, and the photo match up pretty good.

Folks began to notice that the photo appeared to adhere to what the art realm calls the "Golden Ratio" of proportioning in art. See above.

Ain't this some wild bleep. Serious art from everyday mayhem. Which btw is where the old masters got their subjects from. The wild "Post Medieval" streets of Europe.

Or in this case the dismal despairing deranged "Post Industrial" streets of former Empire. 

Art has the power to turn a street full of steaming crap, and blood into fine art. Gold made from drunks, and cops...a miracle!

Stay tuned.



  1. Interesting Sidney!

  2. Art, and Life bound together eternally imitating each other.