Friday, January 1, 2016


Queer oppression then to the praise of Flying Tigers. (...I'm "funny" this way") Ya know even in the deepest of the Mao years they had war memorial monuments to the "Tigers". Even the Red Guards left these alone.

The 'Tigers fought to defend the Chinese people from the ongoing genocide being committed against them by Imperial Japan.

China rememberes.

Unlike what knee-jerk lefty America haters say. Japan was not a quiet peace loving island wantonly attacked by imperialist America, and Britain.

It was an aggressive Empire on the serious make, and didn't care how many died in that enterprise.

These bastards killed upwards of 26 million Chinese another 10 to 15 millions in the rest of Asia...not to mention the allied POW's they took were enslaved tortured, and nearly half of them murdered.

Btw these Imperial heroes never came clean about any of this...still have not! This to the rage of their former slaves, and victims.

Anyway they 'earned' I mean morally politically militarily historically "EARNED" at 'least' the first A-Bomb.  Germany did too, but they were White.The second hit on Japan was 'our' crime. 'Being the winner we 'never' paid for that.

However 9/11 was a down payment,...more to come I fear.

Justice is slow, but Certain.

Stay tuned.

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