Friday, January 1, 2016

"We are not afraid of your Hate"

Queer teens tormented to Suicide in this country hanged in so much of the East, and specifically in Russia hunted by Neo-Nazi's. ...and tortured murdered.

(True older Queers got it bad, but it's more evil when done to kids.)

As I've said. I don't know what to post in answer to all this. Other than to keep on what I've been doing for near forty years.

Just keep talking acting painting drawing photographing to bring sanity, and humor into this deranged evil yet holy, and good world.

It's I guess the job of a Peacenik artist till they bring me down as well. Then others will continue. That's how it works till we finally get somewhere with all this static.

Stay Tuned.


  1. I think I may have let my righteous wroth run away with me in the post below. Not that it isn't justified, but it might not be all that helpful. Shaking one's fist at the oppressor is gratifying, but it can open one to the risk of falling into a self-defeating pattern of reification - a sort of psych-magic that locks everyone involved in the drama into prescribed roles and naturally tends toward self-fulfilling prophecy. Here's an excellent article on the topic, written vis-a-vis political activism:

    The writer points out that the Otpor activists, who opposed Serbian ruler Milosevic back in the 1990s, neatly avoided this pitfall by treating their opponents as human beings instead of incarnate evil. Whenever Milosevic's police maltreated or murdered his political opponents, instead of yelling "police brutality!" they would circulate photos of the perpetrators and their misdeeds among the latters' families, neighbors and friends. This forced them to confront their actions as people, not mere faceless state operatives.

    Perhaps, just maybe, it is possible that something of the sort might be done with regard to the neo-nazi dingbats seen in the aforementioned videos. It might be more effective than a mere campaign of demonization.

    In any case, as you say, it is our job as artists to carry on with saying what must be said and expressing what must be expressed. That's my take anyway.


  2. Yeah other than bloodying our hands, and souls as well. We must do what we're doing. Even if it becomes dangerous in our country to do it.

    Telling the truth in the way of artists.

    Doing that, and to keep doing that is our job our calling our personal destinies.

    Sitting at our drawing, and writing tables in front of our computers behind our cameras on the air online on the stage on the street corner.

    Telling the truth as long as we are able. Also as I said if we go down others will take our place. This is our role in history.

    I take joy in it!