Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"28 Hours Later" ...part VI

Just woke again...some symptoms still with us. My old friends vertigo aches mild nausea. As a child the dear Nuns would say "...Offer your pain, and sorrows to G-d for the suffering in the World."

Interesting moral formulation that.

I'm wondering just how this would actually work. In my latter cynical daze I used to say, "...Suffering is just suffering." In that it does no good for anyone. Words to live by I thought...being such a stuck-up smarty pants.

However these daze,...well.

As I've said, "...I'm on an adventure." Where this will take me I've no clue. For now I'm content to be carried along by it's swift, and mysterious currents.

  On the other Hand...

If I end up kicking the bucket behind all this noise. I want to go out on Mic...on da Job. Just like "Tiny Tim" did. The guy had style to the last second. 

On stage singing playing the Ukulele...then poof gone. Not bad "Tiny" Not bad at all. ...mind you I have every intention of sticking around...I'm just say'n is all.

Stay Tuned.

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