Saturday, February 13, 2016

"Flint Lead Water Sold To Africa"

"After a series of events leading to Flint, Michigan’s toxic water crisis, the federal government has finally stepped in to award the corporate conglomerate Halliburton a contract to remove the lead-tainted water with the intent of selling it to the South Sudanese people.

The African country, riddled with corruption and constant internal warfare, will pay $100 million for the water. Along with tax exemption for their charitable work, Halliburton is receiving $500 million from the US government to get the toxic water off US soil."


What the fuck can one say to this foul evil demented shit.  Halliburton,...figures, wants to sell poisoned water to the thirsty of South Sudan. One of the most fucked up shot to pieces corrupt shit-holes in all of Africa.

You can bet the various War Lords of that mad house won't go to the expense of cleaning any of that water up. They'll sell it to the suffering masses right off the boat for top dollar. Lead, and cat piss no extra charge.

Angels, and Honest Lawyers Weep!

Stay Tuned.



  1. This is a textbook example what global neoliberal capitalism is all about.


  2. Didn't you notice where it was published? :)

  3. The URL is just beneath the small font copy. that or just google, "...Flint Water sold to Africa."

    ...easy to find.

  4. Yeah "Z"...this is unrestrained capital at it's most typical. This is exactly what they 'want' to do here, and 'do' when they can get away with it.

    Expect to find glass shards in your can of peas, horse piss in your Coke, and fingers in your pack of franks real soon.

  5. I noticed. Nowadays, satirists have to move very fast to stay ahead of reality.


  6. Same with Science Fiction writers.

    The damned future keeps catching up with them!