Sunday, February 28, 2016

"Never Again!"

I've been an active political person since my late teens. This because I believed that we could make things better. Actually this is still true, but I've decided to stop. I'm never voting again.


Sure people say that, but this time I mean it. I've never seen a political season as disturbed, and insane as this. The world is stunned at us.

The American people or at least 30% of it was gone point blank nuts. They want to elect open bigots, and religious fanatics. The media treat these dangerous nut jobs as normal. Just regular candidates.

All this of course is the result of eight years open hatred, and contemptuous obstruction. This against of our first, and likely last Black President. 

Mind you he was no prize. See my opinionated pixs above.

The opposition to this is Hillary Clinton, and an un-electable old guy. Tell you the truth I almost hope one of the racist nut-jobs wins. the country would get what it wants.

When G-d wants to fuck with us it grants our wishes.

So I'm opting out...unless Sanders is nominated. Then I'll vote. Yeah he'll be blown to bits like Mc Govern was in '72, but still. However since the democratic machine won't allow the guy an inch Hillery it is.

She can lose without me.

A Republican House, and Senate with a fanatic at it's head will be historic. A bull on crack, and whiskey in the china-shop of 100 years of slow progressive reforms.

This shit should be both horrifying, and insanely entertaining.

I can't wait.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Jawohl Herr Sydney! I haven't voted since Jimmy Carter. As you like to say, we are fucked.

  2. All that is necessary for Republiklansmen to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

  3. I've been doing or trying to do "Good" all my bleeping life with zip to show for it. The world is a madhouse always was always will be.

    I still best I can these hard days to my Sisters, and Brothers the Homeless. I still try to do right by those around me. I still cheer Beauty, and Grace when it so rarely appears, but I'm afraid I'm no-longer really political.

    Others can take my place...indeed my wonderful kindly gentle niece told me on hearing of this latest raving. That she understands, and she'll "take my place" this so I can "rest".


    This must be what having a child is like at it's best. They're there for you when the weight gets too much for your old bones. Hell I might reverse myself just for her.