Thursday, February 25, 2016

"Much Ado About Nothing" ...kinda

"Uncle Sidney's Great Adventure to get clean Sox, and Shorts!"

Well there's my "Great Feet" on the train...yeah that's long past getting tired, but I likes it. Anyway there I am on the train after walking in the stiff winds, and rain to get to the damned station. Right...I get to my stop, and out to the street, and almost get run the bleep slide

There's the Williamsburg Bank tower in background obscured by scary drifting fog...I should have turned back right there.

Ha...appearing out of the wet chilled fog the new still being built sports center "Barclay Center" or whatever. Looks like a rusty bent paper clip. That or something from the 1964 Worlds Fair...which I so much miss...I'll tell that story some time.

Next slides please.

Sox, and Underwear the goal of this ill-conceived adventure! So many varieties of things that no one will ever see me wearing. That is unless I get "Lucky", and at my age, and condition that's about as likely as me getting hit by the Moon...which turns out to be made of cream cheese while having Einstein's ghost telling me his favorite dirty Jewish jokes, and Jack Benny's spirit waiting to fill me in on who shot JFK, and why crap is the way it is.

Further down the aisle, ...above, weird bleep I always do in the toy section. I've got in trouble for this sometimes, but mostly folks leave me alone to take my weird pixs...thinking I'm either a cop or crazy...same thing mostly.

Oh, and I treated myself to a few t-shirts...'been looking for the NASA shirt in my size for years...XXL. Though thanks to having the yuckies for so long, and changing my diet...I seem to be down to an XL which is what a bloke as tall as me should be...hey I feel good about that.

Speaking of which tho' I didn't get sprouts. The green grocer I go to had closed. I had a nice veggie plate at "Target's" diner....did I mention that's where I went? ...well that's where I went. Yummy steamed veggies...yummmm!

I stumbled out'a there got on the train came home, and here we are. Okay yeah a bunch of other stuff happened as always, but this is basically it. Yeah yeah there was that UFO saucer guys sighting thing above the store, but that always happens.

 The End.

(...The above silliness, but actual true event of this evening which I used to entertain my face book comrades with. I duplicate it here for you enjoyment as well. "Our lives are long lists of common events. Still every moment counts. Every event  no matter how mundane appearing in it's moment is Magical, and Holy.) ...Uncle


I almost go these above. They were on sale. however I thought better of it, and went to the electronics dept. I got a new mouse which I'm using right now. huh?

I also stopped at the store, and got some Perrier, Pepsi substitute. That, and I had the feeling I should pick up a small bag of Sunflower seeds..unsalted which I mostly don't like. Well I wanders to my front door, and there's a poor soaked pigeon off to the side sheltering from the hard rain.

Ah!  So that's why the Angels told me to get them seeds. I opens the bag, and dumps the lot out for our damp winged pal down there. Hey it's that "Circle of Life" thing.  Nice.

The End.

Stay Tuned.

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