Monday, February 8, 2016

"28 Hours Later" I thru V

             ( This a reprint from my Facebook page this evening. )            

               The following is an Uncle Sydney "True Adventure!"

...just got home.

A very very long night, and day. Cut to the chase it's as so many here said a "virus" from hell. That plus damage to my tummy...the opening to my stomach injured. No surgery needed...yet. Hey I'll take what I can get!

The cherry on top are withdrawal symptoms from one of the powerful anti-depressants I take. All that a head cold, and assorted bad vibes.

Thank you all that 'urged' me to call for help, and get to a hospital. If I had waited till Monday as planned the doc told me it would have been seriously worse.

Good bleeping grief!

I feel like I just fell off a mountain. No solid food or liquids for four daze. They said it'll take several daze to a week to recover just from that. The virus, and tummy damage longer. I'm home, but feel very very disoriented the works...

"Downton Abby" is on in background as I post...turns out "His Lordship" is in bed sick too. I guess this Virus thing is really getting around!

The crew from the EMT the folks that picked me up to the Orderlies Nurses, and Doctors were seriously swell people...over worked some clearly tired, but giving full service..Bless'em all

EMT folks are always very good..kind thoughtful..they're first responder Angels.

The docs at "NY Methodist"...which was where they took me asked...all wanted to know where I was who I had contact with what I had eaten...trying to track down the source of all this. I disappointed them by saying that since retirement I've become a mild or type three Shut-in.

Yeah there's types...I'm only "mildly" batty.

As for treatments they gave me the works. There wasn't no part unseen or untouched...been a long time since I had any action. Though I wish it were under happier circumstances. Again I have to say bless these folks they really wanted to know what the hell happened to me, and to fix me up as soon as possible.

I was in triage which means what it sounds like. It was like in war...the most serious cleaned out, and sewn up first. When they got to me though it was like "Gang Busters!"
A saying from the early to mid-20th century originating from a cop's, and robbers radio show...I think on the "Blue Network" which later became "ABC". Google all that if ya like.

They filled me with IV fluids medications rolled me around all over the place from treatment room to room. However after a while they let me rest which I so desperately needed. Like I sez my body feels like it fell off a mountain. Still dizzy some aches disoriented.

Before I go I must say that my dear friend Deacon Thomas Tortorella of the Catholic Church offered a unique kindness to me. That is he offered to bring me "Holy Communion" the "Eucharist".

He's offered this kindness once before when I was very seriously ill. Oh my there's a thought for a character like me. I told him I was sorry for giving his religion such a hard time, but I thought that the "Big Guy" if there would probably have a sense of humor about it.

Also that my confession might take a while, and if there was a short form.

Still it makes me wonder, and meditate on the eternities, and how close we are to falling 'up' into if we were separate from it...which we ain't.

There's more, but need to stop.

...need rest.

"28 Hours Later" ...part II  (all parts from my Facebook page this morning.)

I went back to sleep for a few hours...again very surreal dreams. I seemed to be aboard some sort of "Sky-Ship". A masted sailing ship like a Brigantine. I think I was lad a boy in this dream. My mother or my aunt Sybil was with me.

As I say this was a ship of the skies. Like as late 19th century folks thought aircraft would look like. Just masted ships only sailing the skies...makes sense from their view point.
It was vivid so real I felt floating in the winds...similar to what the pain Meds they gave me seemed like...perhaps still some in my systems.

As dreams go it was short disjointed, but colorful strange even beautiful. I woke up in a good mood...if still aching. Awful headaches still some bit of tummy yuckies, and disorientation's.

It's going to take a bit to get stabilized I imagine...

That's okay this is a worthy adventure...actual face to face or eyeball to collar button with my own 'for real' mortality...amazing. ...perhaps even a gift.

 "28 Hours Later" ...part III

I'm mostly not hungry for solid food tho' the docs said I should slowly take some in over this coming week. My bio-systems are mostly empty what with the entertaining week of body trauma I just enjoyed.

No solid food or liquids for days, and still feeling very fuzzy.

Btw I'm grateful for my 'little' adventure. Others I saw at the hospital were clearly not going to make it. My heavens what a 'gift' being alive is. To walk around complain be happy be miserable creative, and have emotions with no names.

Hey I'll take it!

As for bodily matters I'm mostly thirsty. Water I love it! 'Seriously dehydrated. 'Been drinking like a camel since I got back. 'Had a bit of soup, and an of apple...but mostly just water.

"28 Hours Later" ...part IV

I've had a few moments to reflect about us all here on this medium. (Face Book) More than once since I've been here others have prayed for me encouraged me laughed with me. Just now while I'm so ill prayed for me again. Even as my dear Deacon Tom. He offered to bring Holy Communion to me.

So much love, and caring...thank you.

All over the heavens my friend Louise in Scotland "Chanted" for my soul.

...just said she's "still Chanting". 

Oh people are such a wonder...Thank you.

"28 Hours Later" ...part V

 Picture below of "Bob the Bunny's" niece,...."Brunhilda" with my apple dinner this evening.

 (...since I'm still taking weird pics I think I'm gonna be okay...mostly.)

"Agamemnon" ...below. "Bob the Bunny's" nephew at my digs with me tonight. Um...alright"Agamemnon" 'is' a kitten, and Bob 'is' a Bunny, and that really 'is' his  Ahem... Look com'on Bunny's get around what can I say?

Stay Tuned.


  1. OMG Sydney! Please get well and STAY WELL. Ya hear?
    We luv you from head to toe.

  2. My toes are a way.

    Thanks my dear Comrade. Still alive though somewhat surprised to last time I thought I'd finally bought it. Apparently I don't get off that easy.

    'Am resting having some soup, sleeping, and sleeping some more. Loves you, and all my comrade pals out there...Peace through Free Tuition.

  3. Have remembered you in prayer, and will continue.
    I'm so glad to hear you got help and are doing better,
    Take care of yourself, and, please, please, don't let things go that far.

  4. Sidney, I'd like to do for you a ritual I know for sending good vibes, but spiritual etiquette requires I first obtain your permission. Shall I go ahead?


  5. Yes "Z" yes my friend of course.

    I believe there are realities beyond our knowing, and that through various means we can peek in. So yes it would be a kindness.

    As we recall from Carl Sagan's "Contact". The many peoples living living in the Cosmos all around us besides trading dreams amongst themselves. Besides that wonder they value "Loving Kindness" above all else.

    So do what you can I'm most grateful.

  6. Dear "ed" "Z", and all others looking in I thank you for your kind thoughts. Bless you all.

  7. 'And be assured unlike earlier if things start going 'South' again I won't hesitate to call for help.

    Though stubborn as heck it seems I'm not crazy. Besides what's Medicare for after all.